Terasynth won the award for Most Innovative at the IronDev showcase at the 2022 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC).

The I/ITSEC IronDev competition is a team competition where teams are provided a challenge statement and “secret ingredient” to develop a training solution to improve warfighter readiness. Teams typically consist of diverse members with skills in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) software development, simulation networking and distribution, graphic design, virtual synthetic environment and digital twin development, and training systems development.

Teams only have three days to develop their system at I/ITSEC. On 1 December 2022 the teams demonstrated their solution in front of a panel of Department of Defence and industry judges.

The challenge was focused on accelerating innovative modeling and simulation training building block solutions for relevant use cases. Judging criteria included content, logic, integrated environments, architecture, performance feedback and evaluation, in addition to feasibility outside of prototyping phases, suitability for training, elegance in delivery, boldness of idea or approach, and team characteristics.

The theme for I/ITSEC 2022 is Accelerating Change by Transforming Training (ACTT), and the secret ingredient was inspiration from the film “Back to the Future”. The secret sauce ingredient is a creative, thought provoking, art-focused addition to the team’s solution, intended to show off originality and ingenuity. In this case, it was designed to provoke the questions; is there something older training systems were capable of that isn’t being represented in today’s technological solutions?

Terasynth engaged in two proposed government challenges; the first being pre-flight and pre-operation walkaround inspections of aircraft, and the ability to accelerate training Airmen and air crews to conduct visual walk around pre-flight checks of aircraft or pre-operations inspections for vehicles.

For the second challenge, Terasynth utilized the Virtual Synthetic Environment (VSE) pain points expressed by Subject Matter Expert (SME) Wayne Fogel, a former US Army Ranger and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), several weeks earlier.