MINT Software Systems has released version 14.4 of MINT TMS, adding general performance improvements and new features like a new entity (periods), more restrictions to the unqualified assigning process, a myriad of improvements to event handlers and actions, and more.

Some of the new features include Assign Unqualified Resources Permission Eligibility Requirements for Grading, Custom Periods of Time, and TMS Web Forms.

Assign Unqualified Resources Permission is a new feature that will allow users to grant non-admin users permission to assign unqualified resources.

Eligibility Requirements for Grading allows users to define which slot groups must meet eligibility requirements for grading to take place.

Custom Periods of Time allows users to create custom periods of time that can be displayed on the Gantt or used in reports.

TMS Web Forms allows complete grading in TMS Web, the company’s new browser application. With this release of TMS Web, MINT has rejuvenated the signoff experience. Instead of navigating through multiple selections, like in the WebPortal, everything is available to users on one page with three separate panes: events, resources, and form.