Environmental APS MCC

January 24th 2023 11:00 am to 12:30 pm CET

Contact: Allyson Kuckel


Sustainability is more than a buzzword, it is essential to the future of aviation. Therefore, future pilots must be equipped with environmental awareness during their initial training. This is why Halldale and the Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG) is kicking off 2023 with our Environmental Awareness Airline Pilot Standard (APS) Multi Crew Coordination Course (MCC) eAPS MCC webinar.

The webinar will be presented by Andy O'Shea and Christian Norden from the ATPG and Steve Gibson, Deputy Head of Training at Ryanair. 

Andy spent 28 years in Ryanair with 18 of those years as Head of Training. He served as Chair of the EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group for five years and is leading the ATPG ATO and Environment subgroup.

Christian runs his own consulting company and is lead of the ATPG's CBTA/EBT subgroup and advisor to the ICAO PTL panel. He previously worked for Austrian Airlines and was an expert pilot for Airbus, becoming part of the EBT creation group (IATA-ITQI). He led the A350 Flight Crew Training development and the implementation of competency-based training, grading and assessment system in Airbus.

Steve has extensive experience in the design and development of airline training programmes. He was involved in the design and development of the APS MCC in its infancy and continues to work with Ryanair’s partner ATOs to ensure their courses are being delivered to the standards required to prepare students for an airline career.

The trio will highlight the need for the emergence of new personnel behaviours and processes by educational institutions for pilot training. They will also lead you through the ATPG’s ATO & Sustainability sub-group vision of the proposed changes that allow for a rapid application of environmental sustainability training to future airline pilots through a cost-neutral enhancement to the APS MCC. These changes have also been designed to be compatible with a proposed update to AMC 2 to FCL.735. 

This training goes beyond simply following procedures to embed sustainability into the DNA of pilots in training, and attendees will have the opportunity to see the sample training content. 

Aimed at Heads of Training at ATO's and airlines, this session is expected to last 90 minutes with attendees able to submit questions in advance to the panel or ask them during the session. 

If you can't make the session, or are unable to get your question answered, please do head over to our Aviation Training Leader Forum, a new online community platform which provides Heads of Training and other aviation leaders with a space to connect, collaborate and solve problems as a community. Free to join, confidential and ad-free, it is a safe space that allows members to message, video conference and work collectively for the first time.