Redbird Flight and Avemco Insurance Company have entered into a new agreement to support the ongoing proficiency training of pilots in 2023 and beyond.

Effective immediately, Avemco customers will receive a 20% discount on annual subscriptions to Redbird’s personalized proficiency training app, Redbird Pro. Redbird Pro identifies the weakest areas of a pilot’s knowledge and skills and tailors personalized training recommendations (flight simulator scenarios, articles, quizzes, and more) to their needs. Redbird Pro offers Visual Pilot and Instrument Pilot subscription plans, both of which are eligible for the discount through Avemco.

Avemco pilots who use Redbird Pro in their proficiency training also will be eligible for discounts on their annual insurance premiums through the Avemco Safety Rewards Program. The program awards pilots who pursue continuing education and flight training opportunities with credits that can save them up to 10% on their annual insurance premiums.  

“At Avemco, we believe strongly in the value of flight simulators in the ongoing training of pilots,” notes Marci Veronie, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Avemco policyholders who continue their training using Redbird Pro can qualify for Safety Rewards credits on their annual insurance premiums.”