CAT Leader Forum - Webinar - Environmental APS MCC

"A brand new era. This is a first, an environmental focused training package, concept, programme that the aviation industry, anywhere in the world, has ever embraced and put forward," Andy O'Shea.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword, it is essential to the future of aviation. Therefore, future pilots must be equipped with environmental awareness during their initial training. This is why Halldale and the Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG) kicked off 2023 with our Environmental Awareness Airline Pilot Standard (APS) Multi Crew Coordination Course (MCC) eAPS MCC webinar.

Presented by Andy O'Shea, CEO The Airline Pilot Club, ATPG Chair Andy Mitchell and Steve Gibson, Deputy Head of Training at Ryanair, the full webinar is available to watch here.

Watch from 5 minutes to hear from Captain Andy Mitchell, chair of the ATPG, to learn more about the organisation and its goals.

Watch from 10 minutes to hear from Captain Andy O'Shea, CEO, The Airline Pilot Club, to hear more about the journey from classic MCC to Environmental APS MCC.

Watch from 19 minutes to hear from Captain Steve Gibson, Deputy Head of Training at Ryanair on the operation application of the program.

Watch from 45 minutes to see the Q&A session.

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3/28/23 11:00 am to 12:00 pm CEST


Contact: Allyson Kuckel