CPaT Global has launched its Cabin Crew Training Suite, which expands CPaT’s distance learning portfolio to cabin crew members.

The Cabin Crew Training Suite is comprised of three main components: Aircraft Systems for Cabin Crew, Cabin Crew Safety Courses and General Subjects, and Interactive 3D Cabin Trainers. CPaT’s 3D Cabin Trainers are programmable to an airline’s specific aircraft, including emergency equipment and seat configuration, and are innovative virtual trainers that offer the benefits of virtual reality (VR) without the need for costly VR equipment.

“While distance learning is a trusted and reliable method of training for pilots, CPaT will now offer the same efficient and high-quality distance learning as an alternative to in-person cabin crew training,” said Dave Rapley, CPaT’s President. “These effective learning management tools and in-depth courses will reduce training expenses for airlines and cabin crew training organizations.”

Now available in CPaT’s Cabin Crew Training Suite are the Boeing B737 NG, Boeing 737 MAX, Airbus A320 CEO, and Airbus A320 NEO, with more fleets to come in 2023 and 2024.