Australian-owned operational training services provider, Milskil, has joined CAE-led Team AUStringer to respond to the AIR 5428 Phase 3 program for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Under terms of the teaming agreement, Milskil will support CAE Australia in the provision of training development and training delivery for the expected program, adding 22 years of experience enhancing aerospace operational outcomes and full-spectrum aircrew training. Together, CAE, Leidos, Milskil, and Nova Systems offer capability and experience in delivering aircrew training in Australia.

The Future Aviation Mission Training System (F-AMTS) will be utilised to train the RAAF’s mission aviators, including electronic warfare officers, maritime patrol and response officers, air battle managers, air traffic controllers, and other mission specialists. The F-AMTS, to be deployed at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria, will feature a comprehensive and evolvable training solution, including ground-based and airborne training and a digitally-enabled integrated learning environment.

As the prime contractor leading Team AUStringer, CAE leverages its global experience as a critical training and operational support provider, responsible for training military aviators and mariners for Australia and its allied partners; the Royal Australian Air Force, the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Navy, the U.S. Navy, the U.S Air Force, the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Following a C$1B investment over five years into next-generation training technology and capability, CAE is accelerating the delivery of mission training and air combat capability with a focus on digitally immersive, adaptive and platform-agnostic training technology and support solutions.