The Commonwealth of Australia has awarded CAE Australia a contract extension to deliver comprehensive training and sustainment support services under the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Aerospace Simulator Integrated Support and Training (ASIST) program.

The 19-year agreement allows CAE Australia to continue to support a range of ADF flight training systems across Australia. The ASIST contract provides a flexible framework under which CAE Australia delivers aircrew training, specialised engineering support, sustainment and maintenance services, as well as training system upgrades across multiple ADF aerospace platforms.

Under the contract, CAE is responsible for delivering training for military aviators on the KC-30A and C-27J at RAAF Base Amberley, the Hawk 127 Lead-In Fighter at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Williamtown and RAAF Base Pearce, and the C-130J at RAAF Base Richmond. Maintenance and engineering support is also provided for the AP-3C Orion at RAAF Base Edinburgh, the Australian Army’s CH-47F Chinook at RAAF Base Townsville, and the Australian Army MRH-90 at RAAF Base Townsville and Army Aviation Training Centre, Oakey. Since the initial contract award in 2021, CAE has achieved over 98% training device availability, and has efficiently tended to technical, commercial and schedule needs on demand.

“This agreement today will ensure our emerging ADF pilots have access to the best equipment through the availability and development of flight and mission simulators, management of training materials, and management and delivery of aircrew training,” said Air Commodore Steven Pesce, Defence Director General Airlift and Tanker Systems Branch.

Under the ASIST program, CAE Australia will continue to work closely with Australian industry partners, including Seeing Machines and Virtual Simulation Systems (VSS), defence primes and academia.