TestRight Education, who provide academic research, learning and assessment globally, and Symbiotics, the provider of ADAPT Pilot Psychological Assessments, have partnered to provide a range of Pilot Aptitude Assessments through Symbiotics' ADAPT platform.

TestRight's aim since 2020 has been to provide testing and education solutions to help students, educators and employers clearly see the next step on their career path to new possibilities. Their testing and research tools have been designed to provide advanced high-quality tests to improve education policy and practice.

Symbiotics' ADAPT online test platform provides a simple candidate journey and an easy-to-use client portal to track and review assessment results. Incorporating a wide range of online tests allowing the creation of customised screening experiences, their comprehensive individual report outputs give detailed insight, whilst their matrix reports and dashboards provide high level oversight. The platform also has strong compliance with the DPA & GDPR and is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited.

This new partnership will see TestRight introducing Symbiotics' ADAPT system to potential clients in their region and championing psychological assessments in the aviation industry, as well as providing local first line support and account management to new clients.

“We continue to expect a pilot shortage in the years to come and it is therefore increasingly important to ensure we have the next generation of pilots in training to support the expected growth in aviation over the next 20 years,” said Symbiotics' Managing Director, Hannah Davies. This partnership is important to ensure future clients have the right system in place to fully support their candidates as they begin their aviation careers. We look forward to working together in championing psychological assessments within the aviation industry.”