Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Arista Aviation Services, LLC (AAS), to develop and instruct a custom maintenance course for UH-60A aircraft, system, and maintenance task training of Portuguese Air Force technicians using Pinnacle’s UH-60A Virtual Maintenance Trainer (UH-60A VMT). The first portion of an eight-week course is being held at Pinnacle’s Corporate Office facility in Huntsville, Alabama, in February and March of 2023, where an electronic classroom serves as the course venue. The second and third itinerations of UH-60A VMT maintenance courses will be held at the Customer’s facilities in Portugal in 2024 and 2025.

The proposed classroom instruction is designed to provide maximum use of Pinnacle’s UH-60A VMT and is complemented by customized lessons focused on Avionics maintenance tasks. Upon completion of the UH-60A VMT Maintenance Course, and in combination with several weeks of On-the-Job-Training conducted by AAS, the Portuguese Air Force technicians will be familiar with the Before Flight Inspection procedures that are focused on Preventive Maintenance Servicing and will be prepared to complete maintenance tasks connected to receiving the aircraft in Portugal.

Beyond the classroom style training, the use of the VMT in daily operations is effective in the training of advanced aircraft maintenance, greatly reduces the need for scheduling an actual aircraft to support maintenance training, and supplements hands-on training. As part of Pinnacle’s subcontract to AAS, the UH-60A VMT delivery to the Customer’s facility in Portugal is currently scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2024.