The International Air Transport Association (IATA), in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), is launching a virtual datathon from 22 March to 28 April 2023, which aims to stimulate the development of data-based solutions to further the aviation industry’s gender diversity. The datathon builds on the success of IATA’s 25by2025 initiative. Registration is open to professionals in the airline industry, including airlines, airports, software vendors, start-ups, systems integrators (SIs), and any other organizations working in aviation.

“The launch of the 25by2025 initiative in 2019 prompted the industry to take a closer look at the gender diversity of its workforce and take actions to make sure it is reflective of the societies it serves,” said Jane Hoskisson, IATA’s Director Talent, Learning, Engagement and Diversity at IATA. “The IATA & AWS diversity datathon is intended to further strengthen gender diversity in the industry, which complements the existing IATA Diversity and Inclusion Awards.”

Datathon participants will be asked to address one of two challenges: 1) How to demonstrate to a CEO the impact of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion using data and/ or new technologies? and 2) How can airlines redress the gender balance on the flight deck and other technical roles through data and/ or new technologies?

All participants will be granted access to an AWS environment, which will enable them to build their proofs of concept. Importantly, all teams will be given an opportunity to join training sessions on technical and business topics which will be held by AWS architects and industry specialists from IATA and IATA’s member airlines.

Submissions will be evaluated by an independent panel of experts from IATA and AWS. Key criteria taken into account will include the originality of the solution, its applicability in the aviation sector and the value-add it will bring to further strengthen gender diversity of the industry.