Building on their successful Fully Funded Programme, Leading Edge Aviation has introduced a £125,000 Spring Bursary initiative, offering £5,000 to 25 students enrolling in Dual Licence LEAP courses throughout the summer.

The Spring Bursary Offer will provide financial assistance to aspiring pilots, making it more accessible for them to obtain a dual licence, which allows them to work as commercial pilots within both the United Kingdom and the European Union. The Dual Licence LEAP course is designed to give students a competitive edge in the job market, offering more job opportunities, increased flexibility, and a rewarding career in the aviation industry.

"We were so impressed with the applicants for our Fully Funded Programme, we want to continue our commitment to supporting future pilots and we believe this bursary will make a significant impact in helping students achieve their dreams of becoming commercial pilots," said Andy McFarlane, CEO at Leading Edge Aviation.

Leading Edge Aviation received an overwhelming response to its Fully Funded Programme, which has helped six aspiring pilots achieve their goals. The Spring Bursary Offer is an extension of Leading Edge Aviation’s dedication to providing accessible and high-quality training to prospective pilots.

The Spring Bursary Offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and prospective students must possess a valid and applicable Class 1 medical certificate and pass the Skills Assessment to be eligible for the bursary. The £125,000 bursary fund will contribute to the growth and development of the aviation and travel industries, fostering a new generation of skilled pilots.