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The 25th World Aviation Training Summit

18-20 April 2023 • Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida


Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) has become the new buzzword around the aviation industry, and there is no doubt it provides for more comprehensive and efficient training systems than previous approaches. The challenge then, is what approach is best for each certificate holder and their respective regulator?

Join Dr. Douglas Farrow, Senior Partner at Nuovo Advisors, Tony Shen, President of Wayman Aviation Academy and Vin Parker, Director of Learning and Development, Flight Operations Training, Republic Airways at WATS 2023 to clear the confusion!

The panel will examine the ICAO definition of CBTA, along with several others, to demonstrate that current CBTA definitions are historically agnostic to the breadth of the components of the competencies. They all accommodate both the broad competencies of the academic tradition (EBT), and the narrow competencies of the military/industrial tradition (AQP). The overarching goal of all these definitions includes identifying, instructing and assessing all the relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes required for competent job performance.

In addition, the presentation will focus on the practical implications of the most significant differences between EBT and AQP. These include scope, curriculums, data used to validate training system efficacy, balance between training and checking, use of LOS, level of tailoring, flexibility of the regulatory framework, and the role of the regulator. The goal of this final section is to emphasize the positive aspects of each of these approaches, and to enhance the ability of certificate holders and regulators to select the approach that best fits their operational and safety needs.

Dr. Farrow served his full 25-year FAA career with the AQP Program Office at FAA Headquarters. He served as the Instructional Development Specialist during his entire tenure, as well as the national AQP Program Manager for his last 10 years. He also served 15 years as the Research and Development Coordinator for the FAA Air Transportation Division. Since his retirement from the FAA at the end of 2016, he has worked several additional projects for that same office as a contractor and is now a partner in a small aviation consulting firm.

Tony Shen started his pilot career in 1998 with Gulfstream International Airlines before becoming an Airbus A320 & 330 captain as well as the training manager during his 11 years with China Eastern. In 2011, he made a career shift and went to Duke University to get his MBA and was hired by American Airlines as the financial analyst after graduating. In 2017, Tony joined Wayman Aviation Academy as the President.

Vin Parker is the director of learning and development at Republic Airways and continues to chair the RAA Training/AQP Working Group, since 2012. Prior to Republic, Vin was director of L&D and Inflight for a part 135 global jet operator, and was the general manager of AQP for pilot and cabin crew at Compass Airlines for over 10 years

The session contributes to an action packed three days of discussion at WATS 2023. Click here to see the full pilot conference, sponsored by Touch & Go Solutions, and plan your visit to WATS!