Novation Academy, the first school based in Cambodia, has received the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA) Inspection for Compliance. The objective of the inspection was to ensure that Novation Academy was complying with the rules set out by the SSCA and global aviation standards, as well as to ensure that the school is providing proper training for the next generation of Cambodian pilots.

The inspection was attended by SSCA officials Kearithy Meas, Somarylen Deth, Nhek Vanthon, Norng Sao, and RathanakOudom Chem. Officials inspected the school’s syllabus and equipment as well as observed classes.

Novation Academy’s long-term plan is to become not just a national training center, but also a regional hub for new pilots, according to Cambodia Investment Review.

“We want to be the market leader within the sector throughout the region and a place where people want to get their pilot’s license,” Kirill Bratchenko, Managing Director of Novation Academy, said to Cambodia Investment Review. “Attracting people, though, requires trust, and we feel our transparency in working with the SSCA will help us in this respect,” he added.

Novation Academy is expecting to receive its first private plane, the Magnus Fusion 212, in the next few months. It will be used immediately for training purposes, according to the Cambodia Investment Review.