Soar Technology Inc. (SoarTech) will compete in the last round as one of 20 finalists recently selected in the Army’s xTechSearch 7 competition. SoarTech is a finalist with its “autonomous platforms” entry, “Centralized Control of Commercial Drones” (C3D), which automates the logistics and control of small, unmanned aircraft systems.

XTechSearch is a U.S. Army program that incentivizes small businesses to develop promising, innovative technology solutions to solve the Army’s problems by connecting them with Army customers and funding opportunities. The competition involves multiple rounds of consideration with prize money awarded after each round. As a finalist, SoarTech has already earned $20,000 from advancing through previous rounds.

“SoarTech and our partner, Sentien Robotics, are looking forward to the final round when the winners will be selected,” said John Sauter, SoarTech’s director of autonomy. “We’re facing highly competitive talent in this contest. Advancing to the last round is something we’re very proud of, and we’re excited to develop this technology even further to bring our warfighters home safely.”

C3D eases the burden on warfighters and greatly increases the system’s usefulness by enabling operators to focus more on their mission and less on drones. An Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) interface allows one operator to launch, recover, recharge and store multiple drones simultaneously without manual intervention.

In June, SoarTech will present C3D to a panel of experts from the Army and the Department of Defense at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo in Washington, D.C. Selected winners of the competition will receive an additional $25,000 cash award and the opportunity to submit for a potential $250,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research contract.