PlaneEnglish is adding touchscreen interactive capabilities in the ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator. This new capability expands the training opportunities for pilots and ground crews to learn new material and assess their understanding of key aviation concepts, procedures, and regulations in an engaging and highly effective method.

ARSim, the Aviation Radio Simulator, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based simulator for individualized aircrew aviation communications and radio procedures training. ARSim combines speech recognition and aviation phraseology (FAA and ICAO standards) with a training curriculum to help pilots master aviation radio communication outside of the cockpit without help from instructor pilots, freeing precious flight time to focus on flight training. Hours of dedicated comms training and thousands of scenarios provide a means to rehearse communication activities in a low-stakes environment and gain communication skills, proficiency, and confidence.

In addition to interacting with Air Traffic Control via the AI-based ATC and assessing communication proficiency via speech analytics, users can now interact with the touchscreens on their mobile devices to respond to prompts and assess their comprehension of the training material. The new capabilities are being applied to training in pattern procedures, instrument holds, and airport markings, signs, and lighting. New training content and training modules that leverage these capabilities are under development and will greatly increase the utility of ARSim to its users. ARSim enables assessment of decision-making, situational awareness, and knowledge of key aviation procedures.

The new airport module, which implements and makes available the AIM Chapter 2 Aeronautical Lighting and Other Visual Aids content, can be customized to individual airports and can be extended to model specific airport operating environments. When coupled with the built-in Learning Management System (LMS) and the ability to monitor and track user activity, ARSim delivers an easy-to-use record-keeping capability that helps airports meet their CFR Part 139 requirements.

Created by three Purdue University alumni, ARSim provides AI-based and interactive training for ATC communications and situational awareness. Pilots and ground crews using ARSim receive instant feedback on their touch- and speech-based interactions with ATC and the training material and build and retain key skills required throughout their aviation careers.