Paramount Aviation Services has entered into a new agreement with Airbus Americas, in which the company will help provide flight training services to Airbus customers at Paramount’s campus near Miami International Airport. The agreement expands the availability of training services on popular Airbus types.

The agreement will allow Airbus instructors to use Paramount’s simulators when training requirements are in high demand and exceed capacity at Airbus’ training facility. Paramount’s current Airbus simulator resources include: one Airbus A330 full flight simulator with GE and Rolls-Royce engines, assembled and pending imminent FAA recertification; and one A320neo/ceo full flight simulator with all four engine combinations, scheduled for FAA certification in July 2023

“We are located just minutes away from Airbus’ Miami Training Center, allowing for seamless interoperability of our two sites,” said Stephen Vella, Vice Chairman of Paramount.