AerAware is a next-generation Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) upgrade for transport category aircraft designed to enable pilots to see clearly through common visibility obstructions like fog, rain, snow, sand and smog.

AerAware exclusively features Universal Avionics’ advanced ‘ClearVision’ camera and Head Wearable Display (HWD) to provide pilots with unprecedented continuous situational awareness in combination with the superior comfort and freedom of movement that only an HWD can offer. AerAware eliminates visibility-induced delays, diversions and cancellations while also driving down costs, enhancing safety reducing CO2 emissions.


Key benefits:

  • High-resolution multispectral EVS-5000 camera detects both incandescent an LED runway lights 
  • Combines real-time aircraft systems data and high-definition camera imaging with 3D Synthetic Vision
  • Pilots gain up to 50% visual advantage for early identification of visual references when operating in low visibility
  • Enables aircraft dispatch, landing and taxi, under a variety of otherwise prohibitive visual conditions
  • AerAware installation can be performed globally in 3 to 6 days per aircraft


Stop by AerSale's booth, #409, for a demo during WATS 2023.