Award-winning metaverse startup, Hadean, has delivered a cloud distributed simulation technology demonstrator contract for the British Army Collective Training & Transformation Programme. This concludes the company’s first direct engagement with the UK Ministry of Defence and paves the way for the wider adoption of cloud-native capabilities across the Armed Forces.

The contract sought to validate a credible cloud distributed platform approach that will help the Army inform the requirements for the Future Collective Training System (FCTS) and meet the UK Ministry of Defence’s ambition for rapid digital transformation in military training. 

In less than a year, Hadean has developed a robust and persistent central simulation that can exploit proven metaverse infrastructure technology to federate legacy and novel training systems, and their respective data feeds, into an immersive single synthetic environment. Over the course of six phases, from project launch in June 2022 to completion in March 2023,  the company demonstrated the solution’s capability to blend and scale different 2D, 3D and Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) components of land collective training, aggregate data and stream training outcomes in real-time. 

First showcased at the I/ITSEC 2022 Innovation Showcase last year, and then deployed to support live British Army exercises in Kenya, Hadean’s metaverse-ready platform integrated different training systems, including Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES), SCOPIC and Team Awareness Kit (TAK), and exploited both recorded and live data using dynamic interest management to deliver a seamless visualisation in VBS4, thus providing a realistic virtual world of scale, complexity and fidelity. In addition, it displayed its resilience by operating in challenging global locations and overcoming network austerity and inconsistencies.

Brigadier John Wakelin, CTTP Programme Director, said: “Hadean has successfully proven the feasibility of the Collective Training Transformation Programme’s Platform Approach to collective training. This approach will support the British Army’s Strategic Objective to modernise and transform Collective Training, by providing the ability to represent the complexity of the contemporary operating environment.” 

Craig Beddis, Hadean CEO, said: “Delivering this landmark contract has been a cornerstone of Hadean’s mission to hyperscale military training with proven metaverse-ready capability and accelerate the digital transformation of Defence. Working in lockstep with our partners in the British Army we’ve achieved real-time data integration and live visualisation of training outcomes which will set the standard for the adoption of cloud-native solutions across the Armed Forces.”

The completion of the pathfinder project confirms the game-changing role a non-traditional supplier and tech enabler like Hadean can play in delivering immersive, data-driven experiences that can help overhaul how armed forces personnel can train to face current and emerging threats. It also represents a significant step towards tackling the challenge of multi-domain integration and escalating its impact from individual force preparation and mission rehearsal, to operational execution and outcomes.