Simthetiq has extended the availability of its FAA Level D certified 3D airport database library to the defence and security sector.

These synthetic airport environments are built from geo-graphical information including satellite imagery, elevation data, vector data and charts used by pilots, making them a foundation to build a wide variety of applications, including digital twin applications.

These airports are available at a currency level that guarantees the latest changes to airports or air bases are reflected – ensuring a seamless transition between live and virtual applications. The full library includes more than 300 immersive real-time 3D geo-specific airports.

The 3D environments can be made available in various formats ensuring compatibility with most 3D editing, rendering and real-time applications and are suited for training activities in crisis response, security and incident management or military flight simulation activities.

For users looking for different optical or sensor views – the airports include surface material encoding and other attributes for non-visible spectrum sensor simulation.