Q4 Services is hosting The Technology Event from 20-21 June in collaboration with Aechelon, Scalable Display Technologies and Norxe. Q4 will showcase the SupraVue 11' collimated visual display, which is designed and manufactured by Q4 Services and powered by Aechelon's pC-NOVA Nucleus computer graphics. The system will be displayed using Norxe's P50 Native 4K projectors, complemented by Scalable Display Technologies' new high-accuracy tools.

Inside the collimated visual display, Aechelon Technology will showcase their high-fidelity databases and simulation software on their image generators, and together with Norxe P50 Native 4K projectors, it will provide image quality and realism. Additionally, Scalable Display Technologies will present their new high-accuracy tools for collimated systems, enabling seamless warp and blend functionality.

The technology showcase will offer a firsthand opportunity to witness the seamless integration of these advanced technologies in action.