FARO Technologies, Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with HOLOGATE's enterprise division HGXR, developers of high-end extended reality (XR) solutions for training and simulation.

For the first time, HGXR systems will integrate FARO digital scanning technology. The integration will enable anything from objects and infrastructure to real-life situations and scenarios to be scanned and simulated in photo-real virtual reality as digital twins, offering customers enhanced training and greater customization potential.

For over 40 years, FARO has bridged the digital and physical worlds with best-in-market laser scanning technology, which digitally captures any situation or object using 3D point clouds. Point clouds are essentially a huge collection of individual data points plotted in 3D space from which HGXR creates digital twins, virtual photo-real representations based on the scanned physical environment.

HGXR offers full-service virtual reality training and simulation solutions for enterprises and is a division of HOLOGATE, a global media company, and provider of turnkey extended reality solutions for entertainment, with more than 450 locations and 16 million users worldwide.

With digital twins HGXR systems, users can visualize and simulate any real object, environment or situation in the virtual space. This can help organizations needing to digitally capture a situation or critical infrastructure for any time review, evaluation, and training — such as a crime scene reconstruction, or security planning and process optimization on the factory floor.

Leif Petersen, CEO and Founder of HOLOGATE/HGXR, commented: "FARO's expertise in the digital scanning and imaging field directly complements our virtual solutions and enables us to further adapt our XR training and simulation applications to meet our customers' needs. We are really excited for our first collaboration."