Airways Aviation Australia has just purchased the 100th ALSIM AL250 simulator. The academy currently possesses throughout its network 5 ALSIM simulators, including 2 AL200, an ALX, an AL42, and their new acquisition, the AL250, which will be installed in Australia.

The AL250 simulator addresses initial phase training needs (PPL,CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/MEP re-configurable simulator certified as an EASA FNPT II. In addition, it offers both classic and glass cockpit for each flight model. This device has been well received since its creation and more than 80 of these have already been installed and in successful operation worldwide.

“With it being a fully capable training simulator for PPL, CPL & IR/ME, this eliminates the need for us to have multiple devices at our Academy,” said Janet Dalby, Airways Aviation Australia, Pacific, CEO.