DCI Group and Thales have signed a partnership agreement to provide training in imagery intelligence. This partnership will combine Thales's technical training expertise with DCI Group's experience in operational training and will be used on solutions including the MINDS multi-sensor image interpretation and dissemination system from Thales.

The MINDS system is a complete, field-proven, high-performance IMINT (imagery intelligence) solution developed by Thales for use by all members of the intelligence community.

DCI Group is responsible for the transfer of French armed forces know-how to partner countries. The agreement with Thales will enable the operator to offer training based on a IMINT tool for image interpretation specialists from other countries.

The partnership covers technical and operational training for intelligence staff in partner countries, as well as user assistance, guidance and support. Thales will also be involved in system presentations during user training and will help identify opportunities for developing joint service offerings. This alliance will enrich and expand the value propositions of both Thales and DCI Group to meet the needs of partner armed forces by providing training on a solution that encapsulates France’s imagery intelligence.