Urbe Aero Flight Academy has announced an innovative partnership with Wizz Air, designed for the selection and training of future commercial pilots with the perspective of professional opportunities upon completion of the training.

In an era where the demand for pilots risks outstripping supply, airlinesare called upon to seek quick and effective solutions to train new professionals in line with the high standards required by the industry. The answer to this challenge is the "Wizz Air Pathway Programme", an exclusive programme born from the collaboration between Urbe Aero and Wizz Air. The programme aims to develop young cadets into highly qualified professionals, equipped with not only deep technical skills but also solid personal characteristics. Wizz Air will provide the training standards and requirments to be met, while Urbe Aero will leverage its infrastructure, fleet, and extensive experience to design an Integrated ATPL course that, within 18 months, will lead the students to obtaining the airline pilot license and starting an exclusive career.

The Wizz Air Pathway Programme includes an aptitude selection at Wizz Air's headquarters, carried out jointly by Wizz Air and the Urbe Aero Recruitment Team, before enrollment in the flight course. Once they have passed the selection, the trainees with above standard performance will receive the conditional job offer before commencing the Integrated ATPL training course at Urbe Aero Flight Academy. Students entering the programme will need to commit to reach the minimum requirements and successfully complete the course to obtain the license. Subsequently, the airline will begin specific training to enable the new pilots on the Airbus A320 family aircraft, initially as first officers and later as commanders. 

Atilla Tovari, Wizz Air ATO Head of Training commented: "We are pleased to start the partnership with Urbe Aero Flight Academy for recruiting new pilots at ann exciting time of continued and unprecedented growth for Wizz Air. The Wizz Air Pathway Programme offers aspiring pilots high quality training and development, industry leading faciilities with the support of an experienced flight school and in line with Wizz Air's training standards to help make their dream of becoming a pilot a reality. Once successfully graduated, we are delighted to offer the opportunity of a secure job and excellent chances for career growth, a competitive salary, and a compensation and benefits package."