While the U.S. aviation industry expects a need for around 130,000 pilots over the next 20 years, it is also expecting an increased need over the next decade for those who work in managerial roles within airlines, airports, departments of transportation and other related areas.

To prepare for those needs, Purdue Global has launched a new Bachelor of Science in aviation management degree program. The program is 180 quarter credit hours (equal to 120 semester hours) and is a collaboration between Purdue Global’s School of Aviation and the School of Business and Information Technology. Students will learn from faculty who are experts in a wide range of fields within aviation, business and management.

“Those with skilled labor jobs within the aviation industry may want to advance into a managerial position after graduation,” said Sara Sander, vice president and dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and interim head of the School of Aviation.

Possible postgraduation occupations include airline or airport manager, airport security manager, air traffic controller, freight and cargo manager, airport consulting, aircraft manufacturing and sales, aviation insurance, airfield operations specialist and corporate aviation director.

“When people think of the aviation industry, they think of pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, gate agents and ramp personnel. They are only a mere fraction of the people working in the industry,” Sander said. “There are many positions across the industry that are needed for it to operate. In some instances this degree program can help an aviation company take its current employees and upskill and grow their talents.”