In the Footsteps of History, a provider of immersive educational experiences for students, has partnered with Ultisim, a hardware and software integration provider, to build immersive 3D simulation and Digital Twin environments.

The partnership will leverage the key capabilities of both companies to deliver education advancements for secondary students in history and social studies. Ultisim’s 20-year track record creating Digital Twins, gaming, and 3D simulation learning will amplify and bring to virtual life the journeys of famous explorers highlighted in the immersive lessons offered by In the Footsteps of History.

Ultisim is lead technical partner for In the Footsteps of History, a tech-forward social studies enrichment program that teaches through the excitement of exploration and adventure. It comprises of a mix of documentary quality videos, web-based 3D games, and simulations.

In the Footsteps of History’s Journeys of discovery usher in a whole new era for the social studies classroom. From the West African Gold/Salt Trading routes, to the legendary Silk Road or living among the Inuit in the Arctic Circle, scaffolded lessons are designed to build knowledge, expand world views and foster respect for other cultures. With outstanding reviews for higher engagement, improved visualization, and elevated critical thinking, In the Footsteps of History fills a much-needed role in an often challenging subject to teach.

Ultisim’s scalable, future-proof technology meets schools where they are with device-agnostic, seamless access for even bandwidth-constrained environments. Such equitable access offers students of all incomes and backgrounds the opportunity to go back and experience history first-hand. 

“Partnering with In the Footsteps of History is an exciting opportunity to combine our storytelling, immersive media, and simulation skills with a remarkably foresighted and groundbreaking company – for the benefit of students across the country,” said Richard Boyd, CEO, Ultisim.

In the Footsteps of History was formally introduced at the recent ISTELive. The debut will also feature their new collaboration with Global Edtech Leader SMART’s interactive digital learning tool Lumio , where dozens of free In the Footsteps of History lessons are being offered as a new resource category on this collaborative and interactive game-based platform.