British Airways (BA) is recruiting from several nominated integrated schools as normal but, for the first time ever, it is also inviting individual applications from pilots who have completed their training on the modular path. BA say this reflects their commitment to fostering talent and providing exceptional career opportunities for aspiring pilots.

To be considered for what BA call the ‘Newly Qualified Pilot Pathway’ modular pilots must hold a UK CAA CPL/IR with ATPL theory (called a UK Part-FCL Licence) obtained through no more than three training providers during the ground school, CPL/IR and APS MCC phases. Other requirements are a first series pass at CPL IR and a minimum 85% ground school average with no more than three resits. The requirements are published in full on the British Airways website.   

British Airways’ new interest in modular pilots brings them into line with nearly all other recruiting airlines such as Ryanair, Jet2 and Wizz who express no preference on the training pathway chosen and prefer to rely on their own recruitment processes to identify their candidates.