Aviator College is partnering with Avelo Airlines to give aeronautical and technology students the opportunity to launch a career with Avelo. This preferred hiring pathway will allow Aviator College graduates who have achieved their requirements to quickly move to Avelo Airlines and begin flying as airline pilots or working as airline maintenance technicians (AMT).

In the Avelo Direct Pilot Program, Aviator College Flight graduates, both degree and non-degree, are on an accelerated path progressing from Aviator College straight to the flight deck at Avelo after completing a jet transition program. Aviator College has expanded its partnership to include Avelo Tech Ops, providing a Direct Program for Aviator College AMT graduates to join Avelo Maintenance Team across its network.

“To continue to achieve Avelo’s mission of Inspiring Travel and making air travel easy and affordable, we need the very best pilots. By partnering with Aviator College to implement a new direct hiring pathway, we know the highest standards of training will be put into professional practice on our flightdecks and below the wing,” said Scott Hall, Avelo Airlines Head of Flight Operations.