NVIDIA has unleashed a new release of its NVIDIA Omniverse platform, offering new foundation applications and services for developers and industrial enterprises to optimize and enhance their 3D pipelines with the OpenUSD framework and generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The update to Omniverse, an OpenUSD-native software platform for connecting, describing and simulating across 3D tools and applications, accelerates the creation of virtual worlds and advanced workflows for industrial digitalization. Cesium, Convai, Move AI, SideFX Houdini and Wonder Dynamics are now connected to Omniverse via OpenUSD.

Key highlights from the platform update include advancements to Omniverse Kit — the engine for developing native OpenUSD applications and extensions — as well as to the NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face foundation app and spatial-computing capabilities.

“Industrial enterprises are racing to digitalize their workflows, increasing the demand for OpenUSD-enabled, connected, interoperable, 3D software ecosystems,” said Rev Lebaredian, vice president of Omniverse and simulation technology at NVIDIA. “The latest Omniverse update lets developers tap generative AI through OpenUSD to enhance their tools, and it allows enterprises to build larger, more complex world-scale simulations as digital testing grounds for their industrial applications.”

Some of the key Improvements include new modular app building, Native RTX-powered spatial integration, and boosted efficiency and user experience.

Customers are using Omniverse for tasks ranging from simulating robots to training AI models and improving animation.

Boston Dynamics AI Institute is using Omniverse to simulate robots and their interactions to enable the design of novel robotics and control systems. Continental, one of the leading companies in automotive and industrialization of autonomous systems, is using Omniverse in its mobile robots business to generate physically accurate synthetic data at scale to train computer-vision AI models and perform system-integration testing.

Volvo Cars has transitioned its digital twin to be OpenUSD-based, using Omniverse to create immersive visualizations to help customers make online purchasing decisions.

Marks Design, a brand design and experience agency, is using Omniverse and OpenUSD to streamline collaboration and improve its animation, visualization and rendering workflows.

NVIDIA is collaborating with global systems manufacturers to bring RTX workstations optimally configured for Omniverse to millions of designers, architects and engineers. The new systems feature up to four NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs, bundled with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise software, to accelerate OpenUSD world-building, generative AI-enhanced collaborative design and other industrial digitalization applications.