U.S. Airmen and several members of the 501st Combat Support Wing are providing base operations support to enable missions for the aircrews and ground personnel of three B-2 Spirits from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Their deployment to Iceland is in support of Bomber Task Force (BTF) 23-4, which is currently underway at Keflavik Air Base.

Missions such as this allow NATO forces to train together, improving their ability to integrate and enhance collective defense objectives.

The 501st CSW has several roles in this BTF, which include Personnel Support for Contingency Operations, Transportation Management Operations, force support, security forces, logistics, communications and chaplain services.     

“The 501 CSW is postured to provide BOS-I in support of bomber operations anywhere in the European Command Area of Responsibility,” said Lt. Col. Eric Rambo, 420th Air Base Squadron commander. “This support was rapidly generated, and 501 CSW BOS-I personnel were in place and ready to receive BTF personnel, equipment and aircraft.”

Rambo emphasized the importance of these missions for the 501st CSW, pointing to the BTF as a vital opportunity that helps improve bomber integration with allies, partners and U.S. joint forces.

Like previous Bomber Task Forces, this mission provides participating units a chance to strengthen their agility in the current operational environment and their commitment to shared defense objectives.