APATS 2023 opens today, back for the first time since 2019. This is the first time I’ve attended APATS, and also my first time in Singapore, so I wasn’t sure what to expect in the city that signifies itself as Passion Made Possible.

It’s an apt line for the aviation training community, where the passion and enthusiasm for bettering safety training, from committed individuals and organisations, pilots, cabin crew and maintenance professionals is what ensures the constant evolution and progression of the industry.

Singapore has long been the home of APATS, and for good reason. The city is incredible, a fast paced, high tech, progressive city, promoting an ambitious vision for sustainability and is considered one of the most eco-friendly cities in Asia.  The skyline is a dramatic mixture of towering skyscrapers, historic colonial architecture and stunning Chinese shophouses, which sit around the beautiful marina and Singapore River. During the day, there is an infectious buzz of activity, a city that is busy working, creating and being admired for its wealth of green spaces and cultural activities. At night, it’s a phenomenon, a glittering array of lights, drama and a centre for life, laughter, a sensory overload of sights, scents and more.

Singapore is permanent and transient, a home to a multi-cultural society as well as nomadic travellers passing through. The parallels to our aviation industry are strong, the solid core of a city determined to be seen as leading the way, the prime example of what the future can look like with a framework of people working together to achieve a common goal.

As the first event post pandemic, it’s always hard to tell how things will look, however the event this year has already surpassed our expectations, with new delegates joining us from across the region, including strong representation from China and India. A reflection of the importance of collaboration and relationship building across the industry.

Other events we’ve hosted have seen 70% plus new attendees since the pandemic, signifying the immense changes within the industry which, coupled with dramatic fleet growth and tremendous technology change, demands a highly engaged community across the region and globally. APATS is all about supporting the training and safety communities growth, expansion, challenges and paving a path forward to continuous training improvement, the hallmark of this industry.

We will be sharing news, announcements and stories from the show over the next few days, but cannot recommend enough the impact of being here, in person. Next year’s event will be held on 10th – 11th September 2024 and if you can, join us in one of the most impressive places I think I’ve ever had the privilege to visit.