Boeing and Red 6 have successfully integrated and flown augmented reality (AR) in a TA-4J tactical aircraft as a precursor to integrating and testing the system in a T-7 advanced trainer. The companies signed an agreement last September to integrate Red 6’s Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) and Augmented Reality Command and Analytic Data Environment into fighter aircraft.

“Boeing is the first company to team with Red 6 on this type of advanced training technology,” said Donn Yates, executive director, Boeing Air Force Fighters and Trainers Business Development. “The successful series of ground tests and four flight sorties illustrate our collaborative ability to rapidly integrate, deliver and test new technology with the potential to change fighter pilot training for an entire generation.”

Using Red 6’s patented technology, pilots will be able to see and interact with virtual aircraft, targets and threats on the ground and in the air, while also experiencing the cognitive loads of physically flying the airplane.

“We remain focused on delivering a fully synthetic, outdoor training environment that will transform training for future fighter pilots,” said Thomas Bergeson, President, Red 6. “The combination of T-7 and ATARS will usher in a new paradigm in training, directly impacting readiness and lethality.”

Boeing’s Air Dominance organization continues to partner with startups across industry, seeking new systems such as ATARS. Testbed capabilities developed by Boeing and non-traditional industry partners reduces risk for future programs.