British spatial computing company, Hadean, is set to participate in the inaugural industry-led event October Sky in Sydney, Australia. Building on a long history of innovating within defence, October Sky aims to provide an opportunity for industry to better understand the end-user’s problems and address emerging technology challenges at pace.

Hadean will pair with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven laser company AIM Defence to power a synthetic environment for AIM’s Fractl C-UAS to be integrated with Hadean’s Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) training environments.

Orchestrated by innovation execution (IX) company, Chaos1, the demonstration aims to bring together a number of AUKUS industry, academia and government partners to tackle critical technology adoption challenges currently faced by the Australian Defence Force and boost the Australian DoD’s capacity for outcome-driven innovation. This includes Second Front Systems, a U.S.-based public-benefit software company which accelerates the delivery of mission-critical software solutions and driving advancements in the realm of federal security and technology.

From the end of September, and for the duration of the two-week event, Hadean will work with Chaos1, AIM Defence, and Second Front to demonstrate integration of the Fractl laser C-UAS system in the real world into a common operating picture inside a virtual environment. The exercise will bridge physical and virtual worlds by bringing a real asset, located in Melbourne, and integrating it into a digital realm deployed in Sydney – over 900 kilometres away.

Focused on providing a solution to one of five strategically aligned technology objectives curated by Chaos1, Sensor Defeat: Counter-crewed and uncrewed systems technologies, the experiment will showcase how integrated teams can rapidly translate emerging, digitally-enabled technology into mission-viable capability for the end-user.

“Enabling repeatable training for both humans and AI to operate novel high-energy CUAS capabilities in a safe and secure environment, with minimal risk, is critical given the increasingly important role of uncrewed aircraft in the modern battlefield,” said Hadean Co-Founder & CEO, Craig Beddis.

AIM Defence Co Founder, Jessica Glenn, said; “Iteration pace is the key factor in AIM’s success. Testing our systems in virtualised environments enables us to move significantly faster while also ensuring that the system is regularly encountering a wide range of operating scenarios. Integrating Fractl with Hadean’s platform allows us to decentralise our testing capability and run simulated engagements anywhere in the world.”