Aviomar has entered a training partnership with Lauda Europe, part of Ryanair Group. As a part of the agreement, Aviomar will be the official flight simulator provider for the airline’s pilot training. The Airbus A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator, located in Aviomar’s Simulator Training Centre in Rome, is certified under strict EASA regulations, thus making it highly complementary to Lauda’s fleet.

This cooperation also poses economic and professional benefits for the pilots due to Rome’s centralised location for flight training. Lauda airline pilots will have access to Aviomar’s simulator training centre, including well-equipped briefing and mock-up rooms, training and maintenance support 24/7, which are critical for professional simulator training.

The agreement between Aviomar and Lauda Europe also creates value in contributing to the aviation sector development. It comes at an opportune time when air travel in Europe showed an exponential boost for the past year, followed by an increase in A320 Type Rating training demands. Aviomar and Lauda Europe welcome these opportunities to grow their partnership through the shared goal of training more pilots.

Aviomar Flight Academy is also an official training partner of Ryanair, offering Ryanair Mentored Programme for aspiring pilots.

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