A cohort of Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) recruits undergoing military training in an area in the south of England have almost completed their basic infantry course.

More than 1,000 AFU soldiers will have successfully completed the courses by the end of October and returned to Ukraine to join the fight against Russia. 

The training of these AFU recruits was undertaken with the trainers from rotation three of the Australian Army deployment to Operation Kudu – Australia’s contribution to the UK-led multinational mission training AFU soldiers. 

The most recent Australian Army deployment featured training provided by Darwin-based Australian soldiers. An Australian Army trainer, speaking on a condition of anonymity, said the Ukrainian Army recruits were quick to pick up all the new skills and quite good at conducting their drills as well. “These are the things that are going to keep them alive and win the fight in Ukraine.”

The five-week training courses cover a wide range of content, including field craft, patrolling, handling and maintaining a weapon, and tactical combat care.

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