Canadian flight training device manufacturer Flightdeck Solutions Ltd. (FDS) unveiled its C172 flight training device last month at the University Aviation Association (UAA) Collegiate Aviation Education Conference & Expo in St. Petersburg, Florida. The full-scale pre-production prototype was shown with several potential high-tech upgrades, including Mixed Reality visuals.  

FDS's C172 flight training device garnered widespread interest and acclaim among attending aviation educators. “Many conversations about it naturally centered around training, particularly on maximizing positive transfer while controlling costs by offloading some training from real aircraft,” said Flightdeck Solutions President, Peter Cos.  “Others saw it as an ideal fit for research applications, due in large part to the fidelity of replication and low operating costs.”

Following the footsteps of other Flightdeck Solutions devices, the C172 newcomer is suited for high-volume use in academic settings. “We have a very clear understanding of the heavy day-to-day use that our trainers receive, and we build them accordingly,” commented Steven Cos, Vice-President of Technical Services at Flightdeck Solutions.   

To further enhance the training experience, Flightdeck Solutions plans to offer the C172 flight training device with a Mixed Reality option in addition to traditional visual display options. This marks a significant step forward in aviation education technology, leveraging both the tactile element of a high-fidelity physical cockpit with the immersive capabilities of Mixed Reality.

While currently in the pre-production prototype stage, the C172 flight training device is slated for release by the end of 2023.

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