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8-9 November 2023 • Estoril Congress Centre, Cascais, Portugal


Generation Z, the first true digital natives, just want to be left alone on their phone... or do they?

A study by website-building platform Squarespace concluded that it is Gen Z, those aged between 11 and 26, who most want a break from their devices. Rather surprisingly, it is the boomer generation, those who are 59 and above, that said they needed less time away from their phone.

The survey, which involved 4,000 adults across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, also added are nearly five times more likely to use the general web rather than social media when seeking new information or learning. Even Gen Zs, recognised for their social media proficiency, are twice as likely to turn to the general web when seeking information.

These statistics are interesting as we think about how we engage better with Gen Z in a bid to the solve the current pilot, cabin crew and maintenance recruitment shortages that look set to continue into the future.

The discussion will be a key part of our EATS 2023 Conference in Cascais, Portugal.

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EATS 2023 Cabin Crew Conference Lead Anna Mellberg has spoken about the differences that training the next generation has brought about. Be sure to catch the discussions at the Cabin Crew Conference in Cascais

EATS 2023 Cabin Crew Conference

Wednesday 8th November

1115-1245  Session 2 – A New Era for Cabin Crew Training 

Emily Hooker, Learning and Development Manager, Skypeople TrainingAdapting to Generation Z

1415-1545  Session 3 – EBT & CBTA for Cabin Crew

Captain Collette Evans, A320 Captain/CRMA/SEPI & Patrick Friel, Cabin Service Manager/SEPI/CRMI, Aer LingusTraining the Next Generation – Our Route to EBT/CBT


While ATO conference speaker Andy O'Shea has spoken about how the "talk and chalk" methods used to train pilots and crew in years gone by will not have the same impact with Gen Z.

Andy will also be presenting in Cascais, be sure to catch him on Wednesday at the ATO conference stream.

EATS 2023 ATO Conference

Wednesday 8th November

1415-1545  Session 3 – State of the ATO Industry (ATO only)

Captain Andy O’SheaCEO, The Airline Pilot Club, Embracing the Future of Commercial Aviation – Understanding Gen Z in Aviation

While the survey by Squarespace is by no means definitive, it is most certainly thought provoking. More details about the results of the survey and how it was conducted can be found below.

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The Survey: Exploring Digital Behaviour

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, Squarespace conducted a survey that involved 4,000 adults across four countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. This survey aimed to gain insights into the digital behaviour of people from different generations, delving into the role of websites in their lives - both in the past and present.

The survey's findings reveal some fascinating trends:

  1. The Value of Flexibility: Generation Z is notably interested in taking a break from their smartphones, with 50% expressing this desire - the highest among all generations surveyed. Meanwhile, only 20% of Baby Boomers feel the need for a smartphone hiatus. However, a remarkable 70% of Gen Z individuals believe that the flexibility of internet access on their phones outweighs the downside of constant connectivity.

  2. Staying Connected: A significant 53% of respondents across all generations deem digital presence crucial to stay connected or share their lives with friends and family. This underlines the importance of maintaining a strong online presence.

  3. Email: The First Internet Memory: For all generations surveyed, the most common first internet memory was email (44%). Gen Z's earliest internet memories were linked to social media (39%) and online gaming (34%), reflecting their tech-native upbringing.

  4. Websites Over Social Media: The survey found that people are nearly five times more likely to use the general web rather than social media when seeking new information (55% vs. 12%). Even Gen Z, recognized for their social media proficiency, is twice as likely to turn to the general web (41% vs. 20%) when seeking information.

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