The Airline Pilot Club (APC) has welcomed its newest member, Green Flight Academy (GFA). 

"At Green Flight Academy, we want to be the world leader and innovators in sustainable flight training," states Operations Manager, Cecilia Holmlund from GFA. "Our unique training curriculum emphasizes not just the latest in green technology, including electric aeroplanes and new, fuel-efficient diesel aeroplanes, but also imparts a green mindset. By training with us, students don't just become pilots; they become ambassadors for sustainable aviation."

The addition of GFA to APC heralds a new era of aviation training, one that prioritizes the environment, the economy, and the essential role of pilots in the journey toward sustainable aviation. The pilot's role extends beyond flying — they become a cornerstone of the airline's sustainability work. The right culture is instrumental for a safe and commercially viable transition to a greener aviation industry. GFA ensures that its graduates are not only highly skilled but are also deeply committed to the principles of green aviation.

This partnership offers prospective pilots an opportunity to be trained in green technologies and methodologies, preparing them for a future where sustainable aviation will be at the forefront. The younger generation, which is deeply concerned about the environment, can now align their career aspirations with their values.

GFA's inclusion can serve as a beacon, highlighting the tangible benefits and imperatives of integrating sustainability into their curriculum. Other flight schools can look to GFA as a model for how to marry flight instruction with eco-conscious practices.

Airlines can benefit from this partnership as well, as they will have access to a pool of pilots trained in the latest sustainable aviation practices. These pilots, with their green mindset, can play an instrumental role in helping airlines achieve their sustainability goals, ensuring a smoother, more informed transition towards green practices.

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