Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, and LIG Nex1, which together represent K-Defence Industries, announced at the recently concluded Seoul ADEX airshow in Korea, that they would collaborate on providing naval training solutions for current and future Korean warships. 

The companies will together offer training solutions for domestic and overseas surface ships, submarines, and manned and unmanned combat systems (including the ROKN Sea Ghost project). The training solutions will be jointly marketed by the companies for domestic and export markets.

KAI President Kang Gu-young said KAI’s future simulator development for ships would be based on its proven knowhow in the aviation sector. 

KAI is looking to expand its domestic aircraft training system development technology, to new business areas for sea and land-based systems. 

KAI developed the training systems for the Republic of Korea Navy’s (ROKN) Jang Bogo-Ⅲ submarines in 2018, followed by the development of the high-speed landing craft (LSF-Ⅱ) simulator system in 2021. 

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