ALSIM is celebrating its 30-year journey after now established itself as a prime developer and manufacturer of FAA and EASA certified FNPTII, FNPTII MCC, and AATD flight simulators. Over those three decades it has built up a global reach extending to more than 400 customers and has already delivered more than 450 certified simulators across 60 countries.

The journey began in 1994 with a concept of creating and offering flight training devices at affordable prices. The objective was clear; to develop a versatile simulator that could be utilized for various aircraft types, while keeping costs within reach of even the smallest flight schools. This idea led to a continuous stream of products, beginning with the introduction of TFT screens on simulators in 1997 — an industry first pioneered by ALSIM.

Recognizing the growing importance of multi-crew cooperation (MCC) in the airline industry towards the end of the last century, ALSIM responded by developing a simulator exclusively designed to enhance pilot confidence and competence in a multi-crew working environment. In 1999 the company achieved a milestone with the sale of its first MCC trainer, laying the foundation for future innovations.

In the early 2000s, Diamond Aircraft emerged as a player in the aviation training market. ALSIM promptly responded and, working closely with the OEM, successfully launched the AL42 in 2005—a faithful replica of the Diamond DA42 twin-engine training aircraft. Dedicated to their continuous quest for innovation and improvement, the ALSIM research and development team then conceived and manufactured an entirely new device which can replicate ten different aircraft models, thereby providing training capabilities from PPL up to MCC/JOC. Thus, the remarkable ALX was born and introduced in 2008.

In early 2016, ALSIM revisited its founding principle of creating cost-effective, versatile flight training devices, resulting in the creation of the AL250—a compact simulator adaptable for SEP/MEP training on the PPL, CPL, and IR/ME levels. Just a year later, in 2017, ALSIM unveiled their second type-specific device for a classic training aircraft, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

ALSIM was presented their latest achievements in 2020: "The Airliner" and the new ALSR20 — an exact replica of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft. "The Airliner" is a multi-purpose hybrid (B737/A320) simulator, designed to cater to the demands of advanced MCC and APS MCC training as delivered by medium to large ATOs. A partnership with Cirrus Aircraft also ensures that the ALSR20 matches the ongoing evolution of the aircraft.

ALSIM is exhibiting at the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) 2023 from 8-9 November. Visitors can visit ALSIM at booth #516 and celebrate this anniversary together.EATS 2023 Sponsor Block 30Oct

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