Flyco's solution for Evidence-based Training (EBT) will begin with the initiation of a transition from traditional paper-based training methods to digitalised alternatives for Danish Air Transport (DAT)'s training department.

Some of the key features of Flyco’s EBT system will include grading mechanisms, digitalised electronic form production, and crew training performance data analysis for DAT's crew members.

The implementation of this EBT system aims to allow the training department to monitor and manage the company’s overall training quality as well as specific areas where knowledge gaps can be identified.

"EBT represents a contemporary and data-driven approach to pilot training that is revolutionising the industry. The primary objective of implementing our EBT system is to provide DAT's training department with the tools necessary to monitor and manage the overall quality of their training programs, enabling them to pinpoint specific areas where knowledge gaps exist among crew members. By utilising data-driven insights, DAT's training department can tailor their programs to address these gaps effectively,” said Ergin Erdin, the CEO of Flyco Group.

"Transitioning to Evidence-based Training represents a significant step forward for DAT, aligning us with modern, data-informed training practices in the aviation industry. We are confident that Flyco's system will introduce several essential components aimed at enhancing the quality and effectiveness of our training," added Egle Družinina present Head of Training at DAT LT.

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