eSim Games, will exhibit its vehicle centric simulation platform, Steel Beasts Professional,at the upcoming I/ITSEC military training and simulation exhibition in Orlando, Florida. Visitors to eSim Games' booth will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the platform's capabilities and witness how it can enhance military training and readiness. The company's experts will be on-site to provide demonstrations and answer questions.

Key features of eSim Games’ Steel Beasts Professional include:

Realistic Vehicle Damage Models: Highly detailed representations of armored vehicles, mimicking their real-world counterparts.

Authentic Environments: A variety of real-world terrains in sub-meter grid resolution based on GIS data to recreate and design diverse operational scenarios.

Extensive AAR features: In-depth after-action module providing the trainer an in-depth evaluation tool to improve unit of proficiency.

Advanced Simulation Technology: Physics and AI algorithms to improve the design and control of larger formation such as platoons/company/battalions.

With partner Cubic Defense (booth # 3525), a live howitzer in the UK, will fire their Blueshell into synthetic terrain under control of Steel Beasts Professional.

With partner Battlespace Simulations (booth #1037), eSim Games will demonstrate a small exercise combining Steel Beasts Professional for the land force component with the Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE).

The live demo of the latest version of Steel Beasts Pro: V 4.4 includes major new features such as improved Attack helicopter artificial intelligence (AI), Dynamic Terrain Cratering, and improved infantry AI.

eSim Games' CEO, Nils Hinrichsen, said, "We are excited to introduce Steel Beasts Professional to the American market at I/ITSEC. We are convinced that our training solutions can boost proficiency and preparedness of the warfighter while reducing the costs and compressing training schedules at the same time.”

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