In a collaboration that aims to reshape the aviation training landscape, the Airline Pilot Club (APC) is partnering with Sevenair Academy, a Europe-based pilot training institution. This alliance is poised to unlock a myriad of opportunities for aspiring aviators, flight training organizations, and the airline industry. 

APC members can now embark on their aviation journeys with the confidence that they are training with Sevenair Academy, whose courses and facilities will help APC members with their dreams of becoming pilots. The alliance aims to empower individuals with a passion for aviation to achieve their dreams while elevating the standards of pilot training across Europe.

APC members will also benefit from enhanced networking opportunities. Sevenair Academ's industry connections will open doors to mentorship, career guidance, and potential employment with leading airlines, ensuring that APC members are well-prepared for the future of aviation.

This partnership extends its wings to flight training organizations (FTOs) by offering collaborative prospects. FTOs can tap into the expertise and resources of both APC and Sevenair Academy, enhancing their training programs and overall quality. Together, APC and Sevenair Academy aim to uplift the industry's standards by fostering innovation and knowledge sharing among FTOs.

As APC members graduate from Sevenair Academy's programs, airlines will receive a pipeline of well-trained, skilled, and highly motivated pilots, which addresses the industry's growing demand for pilots and ensures that airlines have access to a pool of talent.

Sevenair Academy is this year’s Silver Sponsor for the European Airline Training Symposium (EATS), taking place from 8-9 November in Cascais, Portugal. Visitors can see Sevenair Academy at booth #416 to learn more about this partnership.EATS 2023 Sponsor Block 30Oct

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