Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), will be exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2023 at booth #1071 from 27-30 November 2023 in Orlando. This year, BISim’s booth will focus on demonstrating how militaries in need of training with high complexity and accuracy can meet those urgent needs with BISim’s flagship VBS4 tactical virtual simulation software and its geospatial products, such as Mantle ETM.

VBS, a collective tactical training tool deployed in more than 60 NATO-friendly countries, has been updated with new capabilities to train in both modern, non-traditional, and classical doctrine, fulfilling offensive, enabling and defensive tactics. Its training and force preparation can vary from trench assaults to fire planning to drone and counter-drone operations, all supported by autonomous tactical augmented reality (AI) and the ability to rapidly set-up accurate mission-rehearsal in today’s battlefields.

In daily Combined Arms demonstrations at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., BISim’s subject matter experts will play out a highly complex amphibious-to-land warfare scenario. This scenario covers mounted and dismounted troops with extensive ISTAR sensor input, using networked workstations as well as virtual reality (VR), all powered by VBS4’s state-of-the-art autonomous AI.

The right terrain is needed at the highest level of detail now, not in weeks or months, for all users (the ‘Enterprise’) with minimal administrative burden. Military organizations can achieve this at ‘enterprise’ scale, at speed, and in the Cloud, with BISim’s Mantle ETM product. At I/ITSEC, BISim’s geospatial experts will demonstrate Mantle ETM’s direct streaming of correlated terrain to Unreal Engine. BISim will also demonstrate newly added support for Unity, OpenFlight, and MetaFlight formats, as well as simple GIS data import. This is done using an easy-to-use web interface that simplifies and significantly accelerates the process of building terrain for all simulations.

BISim staff will be available to answer questions at booth #1071, as well as give custom demonstrations of the latest release of its flagship VBS4 tactical virtual simulation software. With the new 23.2 releases for VBS4 and VBS Blue IG, its Image Generator, the company has packed more updates into the software than ever before.

Partner Demonstrations at I/ITSEC and BISim booth #1071

In addition to over 20 partners demonstrating BISim’s software in action in a number of different configurations at the show, BISim partners will be demonstrating its products in action on booth #1071.

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