American Airlines has completed successful Factory Acceptance on their V7000 Brigade VIEW fire trainer at Flame Aviation’s factory in The Netherlands. 

The advantages of the new fire trainer are training for different scenarios instead of just blowing out a fire. This makes it possible to train e.g., a real oven fire or lavatory waste bin fire under realistic circumstances with flames, smoke, glowing spots and mood-light conditions. But even more important: the fire trainer also offers the opportunity to train lithium-ion battery fires in realistic conditions, something that is becoming increasingly common in the cabin.

The new fire trainer will be installed and put into service in mid-January at AA's training center in DFW. The V7000 Brigade VIEW is designed for indoor installation. The large glass window offer observers the possibility to closely follow the training proceedings. Other users of Flame Aviation’s Next-Generation fire trainers in the USA are FAA, JetBlue, SkyWest Airlines and FlightSafety International.

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