HGXR, HOLOGATE’s training and simulation division, is set to harness the full potential of the new VIVE Ultimate Trackers by incorporating them into its immersive media solutions.

According to HOLOGATE/HGXR, one of the key benefits of the VIVE Ultimate Trackers is their utilization of computer vision and two high field-of-view onboard cameras for high-performance positional tracking. Computer vision eliminates the need to be seen by a headset or external sensors, facilitating an easy setup and enabling the addition of peripherals to single or multiuser virtual experiences. No base stations also mean a much larger free-roam VR supported area.

XR training demands high-frequency hands-on time with professional tools to enhance performance and achieve desired outcomes. By integrating VIVE Ultimate Trackers, HGXR believes it will empower users facing high-risk situations to train effectively with real-world tools as part of their training and simulation solutions.

Some of the key features of the VIVE Ultimate Tracker include:

Full Body Tracking: Capture full-body movement with up to five trackers and two controllers or VIVE Wrist Trackers per headset.

Object Tracking: Track real-world objects on headsets to enhance the realism of the training experiences.

Long Range Connectivity: The tracker shares data using wireless communication at long range, providing flexibility in XR training environments.

Leif Petersen, HOLOGATE/HGXR CEO and Founder, commented: “With the VIVE Ultimate Tracker, we are ushering in a new era of full-body XR experiences for entertainment and enterprise. These innovative trackers require no additional sensors, feature a user-friendly quick-swap design, and boast extended battery life for all-day use.

“Not only are they efficient and cost-effective, but they also significantly expand the range of possibilities and use cases for our systems. In fact, they enable seamless integration of additional peripherals and guarantee a multi-use XR experience in every conceivable area.

With VIVE's cutting-edge technology, our immersive extended reality turnkey solutions for entertainment and enterprise are going truly next level."

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