Germany’s Bundeswehr has acquired a VBS4 enterprise license. The enterprise license provides the Bundeswehr with full access to Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim)’s whole-earth virtual and constructive desktop trainer and simulation host through VBS4.

The Bundeswehr has been using VBS since the early 2010s and has continued to expand its usage over the years. With the VBS4 enterprise license, the Bundeswehr gains access to additional modules within VBS4 that will enhance its training. Additionally, BISim will provide professional services and local German speaking support to all Bundeswehr users of VBS4.

“VBS4 provides the simulation and training capabilities the Bundeswehr needs as a key stakeholder in European and world-wide military affairs,” said Sven Lippmann, business development manager for BISim. “VBS4 is able to support large-scale, combined arms virtual scenarios as well as hundreds of unit-level military training uses.”

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