Leadership and emergency operations personnel from Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain and the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Ministry of the Interior (MOI) conducted a joint host nation table top exercise (TTX) at NSA Bahrain headquarters.

The primary objectives of the exercise were to integrate MOI support into NSA Bahrain emergency response procedures and provide an opportunity for NSA Bahrain personnel to collaborate with host nation counterparts to develop best practices for emergency response on the installation.

The TTX scenario, which simulated an unmanned aerial system attack, allowed personnel and departments from NSA Bahrain and MOI, including emergency operations, explosive ordnance disposal, port operations, fire and medical response, and security operations, the chance to walk through their specific roles and actions.

"Participating in this exercise provided an invaluable opportunity for us to convene and discuss our emergency response performance," stated Capt. Zachariah Aperauch, commanding officer, NSA Bahrain. "NSA Bahrain and the MOI not only have an amazing relationship, but bright and talented personnel that work together to bring innovative ideas to the table.”

Leaders from NSA Bahrain and MOI then discussed ways to improve communication, coordination and response time to emergencies on the installation - which hosts 147 tenant commands and more than 12,000 military, civilian and contractor personnel living and working on the installation.

“These joint efforts lead to advanced solutions to a variety of problem-sets, enhancing our emergency operations standards at this vital and unique installation,” added Aperauch.

NSA Bahrain’s mission is to support U.S. and coalition maritime operations throughout the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations by providing security for ships, aircraft and tenants on board NSA Bahrain and assigned detachments. NSA Bahrain provides efficient and effective shore services to sustain the fleet, enable the fighter and support the family with honor, courage and commitment.

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