PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc. will demonstrate the latest in Advanced Modeling and Simulation (M&S) solutions at the Combat Air Forces (CAF) Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC) at the Nellis Air Force Base Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual two-week event brings together hundreds of warfighters from the CAF to discuss current issues, look at future issues, and provide solutions for the joint employment of forces.  Attendees are invited to visit booth #124 from January 10 – 11, 2024, to witness firsthand how PLEXSYS is optimizing all domain, and all phase training for the global force.

During the show, PLEXSYS will highlight its latest products, ASCOT 7 and Sonomarc 4.11 Communications Suite.

Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7: is a dynamic and intuitive Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) platform for use in robust M&S environments. The user interface, modular and scalable environment generator, and comprehensive and extensible database are just a few of the features offered by this system.

Tactical Simulation Interface (TSI): TSI provides a simplified visual display of a simulated battlespace from the perspective of a single entity, allowing trainees to enhance their skills in decision-making, track management, and real-world tactics using a generic representation of a combat system. Interface one or more TSI stations with a single ASCOT 7 instructor station, which controls the simulation and pushes perceived track information to the linked TSI consoles.

Sonomarc 4.11: This communications system is a robust client/server audio distribution and effects software package that provides training realism for fighter cockpits, civilian aviation, and ground-based communications with high-fidelity, low-latency performance. Sonomarc 4.11 enables smooth training mission operations for instructors and operators. With a fully-featured text chat capability, VoIP phone support, touchscreen record and replay timeline interface, and configurable streamlined user interface.

PLEXSYS will also focus on its solutions in LVC training tools, including the latest in M&S technologies that support a variety of training solutions for multi-domain platforms.

Video, Audio, and Data for After-Action Review (VADAAR): VADAAR provides a local and distributed, multi-participant after-action review capability, all accomplished within a light and upgradeable software framework that uses your existing computer network, eliminating the need for additional hardware. It allows you to record, review, and stream video, audio, and data locally or anywhere in the world from any device.

Dis Packet Analyzer (DPA): DPA is a DIS PDU packet analyzer that supports troubleshooting PDU values and structure under established DIS standards. PDUs are structured packets of information exchanged in the simulation environment containing enumerated and bit-encoded values.

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